Radio Show: show what you know with media (Mapping Media to the Curriculum Book 3)

Wesley Albert Fryer


An Internet-based radio show is a pre-recorded audio file available for on-demand listening, featuring different segments (or spots) combined into a single program. With more people than ever owning smartphones capable of accessing Internet websites and playing digital audio files, classroom radio shows can potentially reach a larger percentage of parents than ever. Some national and state academic standards (including Common Core) require that students improve their oral communication skills and also practice publishing digital content online. An Internet-based classroom radio show can be a supervised stage for students to demonstrate as well as develop their oral literacy skills/fluency, share information about school learning and events, and also share about topics they’re interested in and therefore have high levels of intrinsic motivation to discuss. This chapter provides examples of classroom radio shows, highlights available apps as well as websites for editing and publishing them, and describes workflows students and teachers can use.

This is an eBook single, initially published in 2013 as a chapter of "Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol 1." 

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